Our Selection of Unit Sizes

Climate Controlled Drive-Up Units:

5 X 10
10 X 5
10 X 10
10 X 15
10 X 20
10 X 30
10 X 40

Climate Controlled Indoor:

4 X 4
5 X 5
5 X 10
10 X 10
10 X 15

Outdoor Storage

10 X 20
11 X 40

Storage Estimator

Size Sq. Ft Comparable Size Description
5 x 525Walk-In ClosetThis space can store extra items such as garden tools, seasonal items (golf clubs, skis, etc.), office supplies and miscellaneous items.
5 x 1050Standard BedroomThis space can store an entire twin or double bedroom or office. Also ideal for patio furniture.
10 x 10100Family RoomThis space can store contents of two bedrooms and an entire family room.
10 x 15150Three BedroomsThis space can store contents of three bedrooms. In addition, ideal for larger items such as couches, dining table & chairs, large appliances, etc.
10 x 20200Full HouseSingle car garage, full three bedroom home, dining room, family room and appliances.

Our Prices

To find the price of a particular storage unit please contact our storage consultants. Our rates are competitive.


  • Do not store any food items or perishables, this will prevent any unwanted guests
  • Any toxins or flammables such as: paint, oil, gasoline, grease, etc.…
  • Any living creature, pet, plant(s) or organism(s)

Storage & Packaging Tips


  • Label boxes
  • Put heavier boxes on the bottom, lighter ones on top to prevent crushing
  • When packing boxes, fill them without making them too heavy to lift, keep weight under 30 lbs


  • Leave an isle in the centre of your unit so that you have
  • a walk way to the back of the unit
  • Store frequently used items at the front of the unit
  • Use free standing shelves to organize your unit


  • Protect your items, cover them with moving pads, sheets or light blankets
  • Save space by disassembling items such as: tables, bed frames, etc…
  • Use the inside of drawers to store smaller items
  • Put all hardware in bags and mark the bags accordingly
  • Tie bed rails together with rope or tape
  • Use mattress covers for protection
  • Protect chair legs by wrapping with paper or shrink wrap
  • Stack chairs seat to seat


  • Make sure all appliances are clean and dry before storing
  • Leave appliances slightly ajar to prevent mildew


  • Use wardrobe boxes to store hanging clothing and draperies to maintain their shape Dishes & Glass
  • Wrap each dish and glass separately in packing paper
  • Wrap mirrors in bubble wrap or padding
  • Stand mirrors and art work upright, not flat, and mark fragile
  • Do not use printed newspaper for wrapping , the ink may smudge and get onto your items

    • For your convenience…

      Drop into our front office for your packing supplies. We offer a wide variety of boxes including wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing paper, moving pads, etc.